Vibrating Feeder Structure And Operation

  • Host: Vibrating feeder is essential equipment in the crushing or grinding production line. It is widely used in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasive and other industries. Today, we are honored to invent Mr. Wang to introduce the structure and operation of vibrating feeder. Welcome, Mr. Wang!
  • Mr. Wang: Hello, everyone! I’m glad to participate in the interview. Hope today’s share is helpful for everyone.
  • Host: How do you do, Mr. Wang! Can you first introduce its structure for audiences?
  • Mr. Wang: OK. Vibrating feeder consists of vibrating frame, spring, vibrator, motor vibrating device and motor. The vibrator consists of two fixed eccentric shafts whose gears are jogged. Motor drives the driving shaft through the triangle belt. Gear on the driving shaft mesh the gear on the driven shaft, then makes the driven shaft to rotate. The driving shaft and the driven shaft at the same time begin to do the reverse rotation. So that, the body vibrates, and the material flows continuously, achieve the purpose of conveying material.
  • Host: Structure decides the operation. Can you tell us the operation, such as the lubrication method, adjustment method?
  • Mr. Wang: Of course. I’m glad. The adjust method is simple. We can adjust the screen strip spacing to adjust the particle size of the final product. As long as meet the vibration feeder size requirements of finished, we can obtain by adjusting the clearance. The lubrication method of vibrating feeder is the thin oil lubrication. Compared with the dry oil lubrication, thin oil lubrication has the small temperature rise and the good effect. It is an ideal lubrication method. Need to pay attention to is: when the materials go through the screen strip, the smaller materials go through the screen strip gap and fall down, no longer enter into the next crushing program. But this material is general the waste material, because it has much earth.
  • Host: Great! Thanks Mr. Wang for his wonderful interview about the structure and operation of vibrating feeder. Thank you, Mr. Wang! Looking forward your next coming!

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