Vibrating Feeder Maintenance Manual

  • Host: Vibrating feeder has a broad application. The good maintenance is very essential for the equipment. Today, we are honored to invite Mr. Wang to give us a detailed explanation of the vibrating feeder maintenance manual. Welcome Mr. Wang!
  • Mr. Wang: Hello everyone! I am honored to participate in today’s interview. I hope today’s answer will be helpful to everyone.
  • Host: Mr. Wang, we know that vibrating feeder’s maintenance is a very important work. It is related to the real service life of machine. Then, can you say detailedly the points of the maintenance.
  • Mr. Wang: Of course. First, the vibrating feeder should be always checked the amplitude during operation. Check the vibration motor current and motor surface temperature. The amplitudes should be uniform, without left and right swing. Vibration motor’s current should be stable. If find the abnormal situation, it should immediately stop for processing. In addition, vibration motor bearing lubrication is critical to the normal work of the whole machine. In the use process, the operator should regularly add the lubricating grease on bearing. Every two months to add once. In high temperature season, it should add once for every monthly, and replace the internal bearing in time.
  • Host: It seems that the timely lubrication is more important for vibrating feeder. So in the operation, what should we do?
  • Mr. Wang: In the operation, the operators should always follow the specified and standardized procedures. Before start, the staff should be ready to do the preparatory work. Such as, check whether all fasteners are fastened completely, check whether the drive belt is good, and check whether protective device is good, and so on. After inspection, machine and transmission part is normal, then, it can start. In the operation, if the belt has the deviation phenomenon, it should stop to adjust, and don’t reluctantly used to avoid edge wear and increase the load. In addition, the machine operator must go through the security technology education, and has the perfect skills.
  • Host: The maintenance and overhaul often is an important means to prolong the service life of the machine, and ensure the normal work. The user should pay attention to it. Thanks Mr. Wang’s wonderful interview. Thank you, Mr. Wang!

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