Slag Recycling Equipment With Capacity 2000tons

There are huge volumes of slag generated in mining and steelmaking process, which are big burden for environment. In modern time, metallurgical smelting slag is not considered as a waste, but as valuable secondary raw material that can be utilized both in metallurgical processes and in other industrial applications.

While whole amount of blast furnace slag is utilized in civil engineering, road building and cement industry applications, full utilization of steelmaking slag forms urgent problem for researchers in metallurgy and foundry industry. Slag recycling has important significance.

Slag Crushing and Recycling

The slag was crushed and subsequently milled in a ball mill to convert into powder form. Alloying elements and deoxidizers were added and mixed mechanically. Liquid potassium silicate was added as a binder to wet the powder. The wet mixture was agglomerated and passed through 10-mesh screen to convert into small pellets. These pellets were air dried for 24 hours and baked at 850°C for two hours in a muffle furnace. The baked mass was then crushed and sieved to the required particle to produce “recycled slag”. Recycled slag can produce weld metal having chemical composition for many different applications. SBM provides high performance slag crusher for sale and slag recycling equipment with capacity from 500tons to 2000tons.

Slag Crusher for Sale

SBM is global manufacturer and supplier of crushing, grinding, and sand making machines. With knowhow technology and long experience in mining industry, all of our mining and crushing plants are designed in simple and robust structure, and with the benefits of high efficiency, low energy cost, easy operation and maintenance. We provide various slag crushers for sale and recycling equipment for building construction, highway and railway construction and other recycling applications. SBM slag crushing and recycling equipment has been greatly welcomed worldwide. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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