Silica From Sand Mining Technology

What Is Silica Sand Used For

Silica is mainly used in acid refractory bricks for metallurgical industry. It is used in the chemical industry to prepare silicon compounds and silicates, and can also be used as a filler for sulfuric acid towers. The building materials industry is used for glass, ceramics, portland cement, etc. It can be used as the raw material for the smelting of ferrous alloys such as industrial silicon.

Where To Buy Silica Sand

Own silica sand production line, you can get benefits. Silica processing generally refers to grinding wollastonite into silica sand. The equipment required for this process includes jaw crushers, Raymond mills, bucket elevators, electromagnetic vibration feeders, and some auxiliary equipment.

Silica Sand Grinding Process

First, the mined silica raw ore is put into a jaw crusher for crushing processing, and is crushed to meet the feed particle size requirements of the Raymond mill, and the silica particles are sent to the storage bin by a bucket elevator.

Then, the material is uniformly and continuously sent to the main mill grinding chamber by an electromagnetic vibration feeder, and the ground silica sand is sent to the analysis machine for classification by the fan airflow. The silicon that meets the fineness requirements is classified.

The limestone powder is taken into the large cyclone collector by the air flow for separation and collection, and then discharged in the powder outlet pipe, which is the finished silica sand.

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