SCM Ultrafine Mill For Active Carbon

Description: The application of active carbon is wider and wider. Because it has the decolorization, purification, impurity removal, deodorization, carrier, purifying, recycling and other functions, it catches the attention of more and more investors. The appearance of SCM ultrafine mill has opened a broad future for the active carbon development. Today, we will introduction the active carbon application, SCM ultrafine mill role for active carbon. Hope this article will be meaningful for you.

Active Carbon Application

Active carbon can be used in the petrochemical industry, power industry, chemical industry, food industry, gold industry, environmental protection industry and so on. It is well known that its adsorption. Activated carbons are widely used in the treatment of drinking water, city sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. In our daily life, we also see the active carbon shadow. Activated carbon placed in the room, can absorb in the air formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful substances effectively, purifying the air. Activated carbon can be placed in new cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator, but also can be placed inside the shoes to deodorize. The new car is generally contains a lot of harmful substance and a pungent smell. The active carbon can effectively erase.

  • SCM Ultrafine Mill And Active Carbon
  • With the development of economy, the state vigorously advocates the development of energy saving resources. SCM series ultrafine mill makes an important contribution to promote the upgrade of coal industry and the environmental protection idea spread. SCM ultrafine mill provides more possibility for the application of active carbon. It can grind the active carbon power with diverse size. The appearance of SCM ultrafine mill has opened a broad tomorrow for the active carbon development. It is also a good helper for the development of green mine industry in our country.
  • Since 2010, the global active carbon consumption is sustained and rapid growth. In 2012 the world total consumption reached 1.2million tons. The total market reached more than $1.5billion. SCM ultrafine mill makes that the active carbon has a huge development potential.
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