Russian Diamond Ore Processing Plant

In mineralogy, diamond is the allotrope of carbon. Simply to say, diamond is single crystal substance composed by carbon elements under high pressure and high temperature. With the long history of human society, it is not very long that people start to study diamond. But diamond has already become very important in our life. People usually see diamond as the symbol of love and faithful. It is well known that Russia has rich mineral resources. Recently, Russia published a diamond mine founded in the 1970s. According to estimation, this mine can meet the requirements of the whole world’s gem market for 3000 years. After this, more and more investors are interested in diamond ore processing plant.

Diamond Ore Processing Plant

Diamond is commonly used for jewellery and industry. Besides, it can also be used for making cutting and drilling tools because of the hardness. In this case, how can we process the diamond ore into pure diamond for best use?

Generally, a whole processing plant may include crushing, grinding and beneficiation. Normally, we suggest jaw crusher for primary crushing and cone crusher for secondary crushing. Here, because of the Mohs’ hardness of diamond is very high, so we use cone crusher instead of impact crusher. After crushing, we need to grind the ore into powder for the following beneficiation.

First of all, we need a jaw crusher to crush big ore into smaller ones, and the crushed ores which are suitable for grinding will directly be conveyed into grinding mill, and the others will be sent back to the cone crusher for secondary crushing. After grinding, the ores will be transported into the beneficiation machines. So the flow is: vibrating feeder- jaw crusher-belt conveyor-cone crusher- belt conveyor- grinding mill- beneficiation machine.

Recently, our engineer designed a complete diamond ore processing plant for a Russian customer. He was very pleased and has already decided to pay a visit to SBM. If you are also interested in diamond ore processing machines, please contact us.

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