MTW Trapezium Mill Advanced Technology

  • Host: MTW continental trapezium mill is the latest grinding equipment, which has the international leading technical level, and has a number of independent patented technology. It attracts the attention of a large number of customers. Today, we are honored to invite the expert– Mr. Wang. Welcome him to give us a report of the latest MTW trapezium mill advanced technology. Welcome!
  • Mr. Wang: Hello everyone! I am honored to participate in today’s interview. I hope today’s answer would be helpful to everyone.
  • Host: Mr. Wang, would you like to introduce the MTW trapezium mill simply?
  • Mr. Wang: All right. MTW series continental trapezium mill adopts the latest Europe grinding technology and philosophy. It is the leading grinder in the word. The model uses the bevel gear transmission, the internal thin oil lubrication system, curved duct and other latest patented technology. It has the advantages of stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption, adjustable and controllable particle size of finished product, and widely used grinding materials. It is equipped with the special dust collector. Dust emission concentration is lower than the environmental protection provisions of the state.
  • Host: The latest MTW trapezium mill adopts the new grinding system. Can you introduce it for us?
  • Mr. Wang: Of course. The new grinding system mainly displays in three aspects. One, the new advanced technology adopts new longitudinal swing grinding roll device. In the process of grinding, the grinding roller and grinding ring is always in the state of equilibrium, forming a uniform line contact milling area. The size height of grinding roller and grinding ring increases, to increase the grinding contact area.
  • Host: This advantage technology is conductive to improve the working efficiency. So the next?
  • Mr. Wang: Two, the classifier uses the forced turbo classifier. The size interval of finished product is expanded. Three, Pneumatic conveying and finished product collection system, are updated for negative pressure, and two grade dust collector with high efficient, so that the finished product collecting is more thoroughly.
  • Host: OK. Thanks Mr. Wang to give a great introduction. Thanks Mr. Wang! Thank you!

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