Manganese Crusher Production Line

Manganese is an indispensable raw material for iron and steel industry. Manganese is a strong reducing agent. It can absorb all the oxygen from the molten steel, and make no iron oxide in steel. The alloy of manganese and copper can make antiseptic metal storage. Manganese bronze alloy can be used for ship equipment. Manganese aluminum alloy is widely used in aviation industry. Manganese nickel copper alloy can manufacture standard resistance wire. Manganese alloy and compounds are of great use in industry.

Production Situation

  • The feed size: <600mm
  • The finished product: 0-20mm
  • The production capacity: 150T/H

Main Equipment

Now, we will a kind of manganese ore crushing production line. Its production line can get up to 100T/H. We will use the machines, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, hopper, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, and a number of belt conveyors. I hope that this simple example is helpful for you.

NO. Equipment Model Motor(KW) Number
1 Hopper LC3000*4000 1
2 Vibrating feeder ZSW420*100 15 1
3 Jaw crusher PE750*1060 110 1
4 Cone crusher HCS160 135 1
5 Vibrating screen 3YK1548 15 1

Production Line Process

Manganese ore is delivered to the vibrating feeder by hopper. Then, it enters into the jaw crusher with uniform and quantitative through the vibrating feeder. Manganese ore is in jaw crusher for the primary crushing.

After extrusion and crushing, through the belt conveyor, manganese ore is transported to the cone crusher for secondary crushing. Then, this manganese ore is transported to the vibrating screen by belt conveyor. After screening, the material which meet the size requirement, become the finish product through the screen stencil. While the material which don’t meet the size requirement, will again enter into the cone crusher for crushing. Through the vibrating screen, we can get the 0-20mm finished product. This will complete the production line process.

Manganese ore crushing production line has many configuration scheme. According to the different regions, manganese ore’s physical properties are different. Today, we introduce a simple machine configuration.

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