LM Vertical Mill Unique Advantages

  • Host: LM vertical mill is the ideal equipment for milling industry, which sets drying, crushing, grinding, grading conveying with a suit. At present, it has used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, and nonmetallic mineral industry. So what does it have the unique advantages? Today, we are honored to invent Mr. Grinder to take part in the interview. Welcome, Mr. Grinder!
  • Mr. Grinder: Hello, everyone! I’m glad to participate in the interview. Hope it is helpful for everyone.
  • Host: Mr. Grinder, the LM vertical mill’ application is very wide. Can you tell us its unique advantages to attract so many customers?
  • Mr. Grinder: Of course. LM vertical mill is the only mill with a drying system– hot blast stove. It is also provided with an explosion-proof valve. It is designed to put one’s heart and soul into for the sake of users. It is installed the automatic control system, and can realize remote control. Repairing cylinder, turning arm, replacing the roller sleeve, and lining board are all convenient and fast, reducing downtime losses. The whole equipment is sealing. The system works under negative pressure. There is no dust overflow. It has the clean environment, small vibration and low noise. The grinding roller and the lining board adopt the high-quality materials, reducing the abrasion, so the service life is long. The device can open layout, save investment cost.
  • Host: Oh. LM vertical mill has the hot blast stove. This is real its unique advantages. So its drying capacity is strong, isn’t it?
  • Mr. Grinder: Yes. The hot air in direct contact with the material in the LM vertical mill, and the drying ability is very strong. By adjusting the temperature of hot air, it can meet the requirements of different humidity material. The short residence time of material in the mill, is easy to detect and control the product size and chemical composition, reducing duplication grinding. The product quality is more stable. The roller sleeve and disc lining board are mounted with the device to prevent direct contact, avoiding destructive shock and vibration.
  • Host: That’s great. Thanks Mr. Grinder to give us a meaningful interview. Believe that we have a deep understand of the LM vertical mill unique advantages. Thanks Mr. Grinder! Thank you!

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