Impact Crusher Common Problems

Description: Impact crusher is widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction and other industries. In the work process, due to various factors, it will lead to impact crusher failure. When crusher has some malfunction, it should be timely eliminated and repaired. This paper introduces the processing method of impact crusher common fault. I hope it is beneficial for most users.

  • Q: What is the reason of impact crusher bearing heating?
  • A: This shows that the bearing is short of oil, and it needs to refuel timely. But the excess oil will also make the bearing heating. Be sure to check the oil level when refueling. Bearing damage, shall promptly replace bearings.
  • Q: What to do when impact crusher vibrates anomaly?
  • A: It may have the following reasons: first, the material is too large. You can check the feed size. Two, uneven wear. This shows that the hammer head needs to be replaced. The rotor is imbalant, and need to adjust. Three, the basic is improper, and it needs to check the anchor bolts and the reinforcement.
  • Q: What is the reason of belt turning?
  • A: If the belt is damaged, it will lead belt turning. Then, it needs to replace the triangle belt. When replacing, it needs to pay attention to its own quality. Another reason is the assembly problem of belt pulley. It needs to keep the active pulley and the driven pulley in the same plane.
  • Q: What is the reason of excessive discharging granularity? How should I do?
  • A: This shows that the spacing between the hammer and the impact plate is too large. It should be adjusted to the appropriate distance. Or, hammer or impact plate wear, and it needs to be adjusted or replaced. In addition, the oversized feed will also affect the discharge granularity.
  • Q: I find it internally generated knocking today, how is this going?
  • A: When not-broken material enters the crusher inside, it will produce the sound of percussion. At this time, it needs to stop to clean up the crushing cavity. Impact lining board fastener relaxation will also produce the sound of percussion. Check fastening situation of impact lining board.

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