How To Increase The Production Of Artificial Sand

In actual production, the production of machined sand is related to many factors. For example: material hardness, humidity, fineness of finished sand, maintenance and quality of the equipment itself, etc.

Sand Fineness

The finer the material made from sand, the smaller the sand making capacity. Generally, it depends on the fineness requirements of the ore dressing plant. If there is no special requirement, the fineness of the material can be set to medium fineness.

Normal Operation

If a sand making machine operates irregularly and does not perform regular maintenance during operation, it will cause the wear of the wearing parts of the equipment to accelerate, which will greatly reduce the life of the equipment, and the production volume per unit time will be small. Standard operation of sand making machine can increase capacity.

The Core – Quality Of Sand Making Machine

The high-quality sand making machine is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can easily reach the expected output of the equipment. Not only that, high-quality equipment manufacturers use new high-wear-resistant materials in production and use internationally leading production technology to produce The equipment can well meet the production needs of users and provide a more favorable guarantee for continuous, efficient and safe production.

In short, the configuration of a production line must comprehensively consider all factors to meet your capacity requirements. When purchasing, you must comprehensively consider your own production conditions. SBM can supply you production line solution and production line design.

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