Difference Between MTM And MTW Mill

  • Host: MTM and MTW are two kinds of main products of trapezium mill. Although they belong to the trapezoidal mill, but in many ways they are different. Today, we are honored to invite Mr. Wang to give us a detailed analysis of the difference between MTM and MTW mill. Welcome Mr. Wang!
  • Mr. Wang: Hello everyone! I am honored to participate in today’s interview. I hope today’s answer would be helpful to everyone.

  • Host: We know the appearance will be the obvious difference. Mr. Wang, can you tell us the appearance difference.
  • Mr. Wang: Of course. Compared with MTM trapezium mill, MTW mill has the streamlined appearance. It is not only beautiful, but also is beneficial for the wind circulation. Reduce the resistance, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Host: Oh. We only know the MTW is more beautiful. Now ,I know that its function is so large. Anything else?
  • Mr. Wang: From the powder collector, MTM mill is conventional cyclone powder collector, while MTW mill is the isolation type cyclone powder collector. The isolation structure is adopted between the inner cylinder and the mixed powder flow, which can effectively improve the powder selecting efficiency and powder selecting accuracy. Form the shove blade, MTM blade is ordinary steel plate, while MTW is the high manganese steel. The service life is 5~10 times of the old theory. Form the observation door, MTM is the small doors with eddy current. MTW is no drag into the wind vortex, namely small observation door without eddy current. It can effectively avoid the eddy current effect, reducing the energy consumption of the system.
  • Host: As far as I know, the transmission system is also different. What is the difference?
  • Mr. Wang: Yes. In the transmission system aspect, MTM mill use the speed reducer to drive, and MTW is the whole bevel gear drive. The entire drive has small energy consumption, high efficiency, saving the reducer installation location, and structure more integration. In addition, MTM uses the butter lubrication. Lubrication resistance is big, high temperature, and bearing lifetime is short. MTW is the rare lubrication. This is also their difference.
  • Host: OK. Mr. Wang tells us in detail about the difference between MTM and MTW trapezium mill. I hope today’s interview is helpful for your. Thanks to Mr. Wang.

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