Crusher For Limestone

Limestone crusher — The solution fineness fluctuation and instability are solved fundamentally, and the fineness of discharge fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Crusher For Limestone Design

  • On the one hand, the trajectory of the non-broken force is changed, so that the material is repeatedly pulverized in the cavity;
  • On the other hand, the traditional crusher is used to control the fineness of the discharge with the boring or discharge port, and the centrifugal wind field is used to determine the fineness of the discharge, so that the stability of the discharge fineness is basically guaranteed.

Limestone Crusher Working Principle

A turntable with aggregate and spray is arranged under the crushing chamber. After a series of crushing in the upper crushing chamber, the material is collected by falling into the lower turntable through the guiding plate, and the collected material passes through the high speed in the conical turntable. Rotating, will be thrown into the upper rotor crushing chamber, again subjected to a series of crushing.

By changing the force of the centrifugal wind field, you can get fine powder with different needs.


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