Cone Crusher Maintenance And Operation

  • Host: Cone crusher is becoming more and more popular. Compared with other crushers, it is expensive. So its maintenance and operation are very important. Today, we are honored to invite Mr. Crusher to give us a detailed explanation of the cone crusher maintenance and operation. Welcome Mr. Crusher!
  • Mr. Crusher: Hello everyone! I am honored to participate in today’s interview. I hope today’s answer would be helpful to everyone.
  • Host: Mr. Crusher, we know that cone crusher’s maintenance is a very important work. It is related to the real service life of machine. Then, can you say detailedly the points of cone crusher’s maintenance.
  • Mr. Crusher: All right! Before starting, the staff must to do the preparatory work. Check the screws whether is loosening. Around the electrical equipment, whether have some obstacles. The crushing cavity whether has ore or sundries. Check the tension degree of correction belt. All spring screws must be tightened. In addition, check the discharge gap whether is meeting the requirements. Check if the power supply is normal, if the electrical protection system is intact.
  • Host: That is to say, check all the details before starting. Ok, we finish the maintenance items before starting. So in the production process, what problems do we need to pay attention?
  • Mr. Crusher: In the production process, we need more operation points. Always check the lubrication system oil consumption and oil temperature. Oil temperature should not exceed 60℃. Prohibit non-broken material into the crushing chamber, to prevent equipment parts from damage. During normal operation, we should regularly add the lubricating oil. Observe whether the ore chute, crushing chamber, discharging funnel is blockage. In the process of operation, check the thin oil lubrication system, and keep the oil surface height in the oil tank. Pay attention to prevent excessive oil pressure. Check whether the equipment, dust-protected pipes and water pipe cooling are good. If find some abnormal situation, you must stop.
  • Host: OK. Mr. Crusher tells us in detail about cone crusher maintenance and operation. If your cone crusher wants to have a long life, please note the maintenance and operation. I hope today’s interview is helpful for your. Thanks to Mr. Crusher.

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