Concrete Recycling Production Line

Concrete will be produced in the process of concrete production, and concrete solidification will cause damage to the environment. In the actual concrete production process, waste concrete accounts for 1% – 2.5% of the total output monthly. For each concrete mixing station, disposal of waste concrete will cost a lot of processing costs, resulting in large economic losses and environmental pollution.

The cement mixing truck cleans the tank of the cement mixing truck by mixing circulating water in the commercial concrete recycling station before the commercial concrete recycling station. After cleaning, the mixture in the tank is discharged into the separation screw of the recycling station for sand and stone separation.

The cement slurry enters the storage tank with an agitator. The agitator automatically mixes regularly to prevent slurry precipitation. After the water level in the storage tank drops to a set position, the system automatically replenishes fresh water to the tank.

Pipeline pumps are used in the recycling station to automatically convey the recycled water to the transfer tank in the mixing building. The transfer tank also uses agitators to mix regularly through the automatic system. Ingredients that recycled water to transport station taking concrete transfer hopper and controlled by mixing machine automatic control system to realize the ingredients.

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