Concrete Gravel Specification In Construction

The raw materials used in gravel are generally granite, sandstone, quartzite, basalt, etc. The above types of stones are sharp and non-slip, and the concrete is used for good adhesion and firmness. Its specifications are roughly pided into four types, as follows:

Ultra-fine gravel: The specification is about 5-10mm.

Fine gravel: The specification is about 10-20mm.

Medium gravel: The specification is between 20-40mm.

Coarse gravel: The specification is between 40-150mm.

How To Choose Crushing Equipment

In the daily production and processing process, the general impact crusher is equipped with a jaw crusher to complete the production and processing operations, mainly because when the material is large, the jaw crusher is required to perform the first break, and then enter the impact crusher. Secondary crushing processing, of course, if the material itself is small, it can be directly processed into the impact crusher, and the specific matching depends on the production material.

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