Advantages Of Mechanism Aggregate

With the decrease of natural sand and gravel, the market of sand and gravel aggregate is gradually popular. In particular, the number of projects in infrastructure construction has gradually increased, the demand for sand and gravel has continued to increase, and there has even been a trend of oversupply. Compared with natural river sand, machine sand has the following advantages:

Resource Advantage

The harm of natural sand mining to the environment is self-evident, and it is a non-renewable development model in the long run. On the other hand, driven by environmental protection policies, the natural sand market is gradually shrinking, which undoubtedly has an impact on the sand and stone market. Natural sand can be based on various waste resources, conform to the scientific development concept and the advantages of economical and circular economy management, and have long-term responsible persons and fixed operating places.

Quality Advantage

Machine-made sand has high surface energy and hydrophilicity, has a complete gradation, has a micro-gradation less than 75µm, and has multiple mineral components to choose from. Particle stability can be adjusted, and particle size can be improved.

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