Advantage Analysis of Sand Making Machine

Description: The design concept of semi-dry sand technology has a comprehensive consideration of saving energy, green environmental protection, and intelligent quality in the whole production process. In the sand making, semi-dry sand technology is considered as a relatively good method. Compared with the wet process sand making for the destruction degree of environmental, semi-dry process sand making has a small impact on the environment. Semi-dry sand process has great economic and social benefits, and has the strong promotion advantage.

Characteristic & Advantage Analysis

Semi-dry process sand making has its unique advantages. The following is the characteristic analysis.

  • Crushing replace grinding, more crushing and less grinding
  • The design idea of semi dry sand technology advocate crushing instead of grinding, more crushing and less grinding. Through the application of semi-dry sand process technology, reach or better than the artificial system sand aggregate quality requirements, at the same time, abandon or partial abandon some traditional and high energy consumption sand making equipment.

  • Intelligent and energy saving
  • Automatic control is to input the process control and the production test adjustment parameter to the control system. Not only can make the new system sand machine in the optimum operation and the self-protection state, but also can make the process equipment is always in full load operation.

    According to the user needs of the product specifications, quality and different, PLC intelligent control technology can automatically control the production of artificial aggregate. It can make the efficiency of the whole strip sand production line to improve 20%-30%.

  • Green and environmental protection
  • Semi dry artificial aggregate processing system has the advantages of advanced technology, high degree of automation, less covers area. Compared with the traditional technology, its layout can save land resource of 35%-50%. The waste mud and impurities can be used for rehabilitation, to keep the ecological balance.

  • Wet and dry method mixed
  • The rock with the mud content greater than 2%, must to be fully washed before the medium crushing, so that the aggregate has not mud or other harmful substances. In the medium crushing and fine crushing process, it uses the semi-dry production.

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