Abstract On Cement Ball Mill Optimization

In order to improve the yield and quality of ball mill, can optimize grinding in ball mill on the structure, there are several main ways of optimizing:

strengthen the ventilation inside

Good ventilation can be discharged in time to fine powder ball mill, to avoid the formation of over grinding, and also can take the grinding heat, reduce the temperature inside the mill, to avoid clogging.

If there is not smooth grinding inner wind path, in the feeding mouth opening tuber, improvement of inlet screw, amplification storehouse board and discharge grate plate isolation and discharge hole at the center of the strengthening lock the wind, to improve the ventilation conditions.

Improved the inclined diaphragm and discharge grate

Can choose the partition board with screening function and discharge grate, for screening of the material into fine grinding barn, the use of surface micro grinding of large area, high grinding efficiency and create the conditions for fine grinding barn.

New warehouse insulation board has the control of material flow and the function of the crushing capacity and balance the storehouse, along with the classification of the granules also forced promotion effect.

Increase the activation device

Activation device can give full play to the potential of the grinding ball mill, strengthen the grinding ability, and improve the efficiency of grinding mill greatly.

The main structure of activated device is in a trapezoidal device is installed into a certain angle with the axial of the ball mill lining plate of ball mill, its height about ball mill cylinder diameter 20%~30%, thickness is about 40mm, and with the same width as the width of the lining board.

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