Short Head Cone Crusher

Although the standard, medium-sized and short head cone crushers are three different cone crushers, they are essentially one of the traditional cone crushers. The difference between the three is the broken parallel belt, the short head type cone crusher parallel belt is longer, the second is the medium-sized type, and the standard type is the shortest.

Short Head Cone Crusher

Short Head Cone Crusher


  • The shape of the crushing cavity is different

    The short head cone crusher has long parallel belts, medium size, and the shortest standard type.

  • The granularity of broken finished products is different

    In parallel with the short head cone crusher, crushing the material is relatively small, generally this type of cone crusher used after coare crushing; and the standard type of cone crusher, crushing the material product coarse granularity, high yield, breaking out of the material can be used in coare crushing.

  • The width of the discharge port is different

    Compared with the medium-sized and short head cone crusher, the width of the standard cone crusher’s discharge port is larger, so the standard cone crusher has greater processing capacity in the unit time

The short head cone crusher has a long parallel belt, and the ore mouth and the ore outlet are relatively small, and the finer product size can be obtained. In general, a medium size head with a long parallel is used as a fine-grained in the middle. The standard due to parallel bands is relatively short, so the coarse crushing product, high yield, generally placed in coarse crushing, namely after the broken jaw crusher.

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