Secondary Crusher Advantages And Disadvantages

Both impact crusher and cone crusher can be used as secondary crusher machine, which are different in actual production.

secondary crusher

The Application

Impact crusher is suitable for brittle materials such as limestone. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials such as granite, tuff, gravel and so on.

The grain size of the material

Cone crusher is better than impact crusher broken materials. In practical production, cone crusher is commonly used in ore dressing. The impact crusher is used in building and construction projects.

The grain type of the finished product

Impact crusher finished corners, less powder, and cone crusher’s products in the needle more.

The cost of input

The cost of cone crusher is much higher than that of impact crusher, but its life of wearing parts is longer, which avoids the trouble of changing parts frequently. In the long run, coning is much more expensive than impact crusher.

Other Case

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