How To Prolong The Life Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw plate is the main part of jaw crusher when working directly with material. The replacement frequency of jaw plate will directly affect the production efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises. Understand the influencing factors of jaw plate, can effectively prolong the service life of the jaw crusher.

The design and selection of jaw plate is the foundation of the service life of the jaw crusher.

design of jaw plate

Between the fixed jaw plate tooth and tooth peak should be relative, to ensure that the jaw plate at work besides presses in the corresponding materials but also can exert a certain bending stress, increase crushing capacity of crusher.

For small and medium sized crusher, jaw plate in order to prolong the service life, can be designed into the upper and lower jaw plate symmetrical shape can be used to turn in the lower part of severe wear.

For large jaw, jaw plate can be designed into a few pieces of symmetric to each other, which can be easily exchanged for wear block, prolong the service life of the jaw plate.

selection of jaw plate

ZGMn13 can be used as the main material in material selection. This kind of manganese steel has a strong toughness, but it has the characteristics of cold working hardening. In addition, other factors, such as cost, should be considered in the selection of materials.

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