How To Prevent Oil Leakage From Cone Crusher

Guarantee the good sealing of the cone crusher

The design of the sealing structure is related to the sealing effect and the life of the seal ring. The sealing effect of the O – shaped seal is determined by the correctness of the size of the installation groove. The seal ring installation groove is too deep, the sealing ring’s compression volume is not enough, and it can’t play the role of sealing. Therefore, we should design and process the sealing structure reasonably, so as to ensure the sealing performance of the sealing device is good.

Correctly install the sealing ring to ensure the good sealing of the equipment. Do not use a corner tool to install the sealing ring to prevent the scratch seal from stretching it to the deformed position. The sealing ring can be properly lubricated for installation.

Inspection in production

Regularly check whether the filter is clogged or damaged or replace the twisted line of the oil, so as to ensure the smooth of the oil return line. At the same time, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the ventilating cover on the side of the drive shaft of the cone crusher, and blow the long core hole of the hood on the drive shaft with compressed air.

Check the clearance between the inner wall of the main seat oil tank and the oil retaining ring on the counterweight body, whether it is reasonable, prevent splashing into the lubricating oil between each other and form an oil seal, resulting in the cone crusher oil leakage.

No increase in temperature of lubricating oil

The increase of the lubricating oil temperature is easy to reduce the viscosity of the oil, and the sealing element will accelerate the aging, thus causing serious oil leakage. Therefore, we should prohibit the increase of the temperature of the lubricating oil, and increase the heat dissipation effect of the fuel tank by increasing the heat dissipation area of the fuel tank. If necessary, we can add cooler to reduce the temperature of the lubricating oil.

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