Construction Aggregates Crusher

Breakage, separation, mixed aggregate, grinding, carbonization, etc. After a series of construction waste crusher processing, the useless building rubbish in the eyes of ordinary people is transformed into various building materials instantly, and can be used instead of natural sand, natural soil, mechanism stone and other materials. The regeneration rate is over 95%.

Construction Aggregates Crusher

Construction Aggregates Crusher processing system

The construction wastes can be used to produce the coarse and fine aggregate of various sizes, and “four stages of separation are carried out through the construction aggregates crusher.”

The steel construction waste in the separated, then the aniseed decomposition to the above through the density, make material can replace the so-called “stones”, small material and sand down to below, making “sand” for engineering backfill and brick, the wood and decoration materials such as waste separation.”

Give full play to the characteristics of mobile equipment, flexible and efficient, the bulk of construction waste in the waste concrete, waste bricks, marble and other solid waste material crushing, classification, processing, construction waste disposal to achieve zero discharge and sinotrans. On the spot, the green digestion and regenerative utilization are carried out to realize “change waste into treasure”.

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