Barite Beneficiation Plant

Barite generally re-election method for sorting, that is, washing, crushing, screening with jig or other re-election method to choose barite concentrate, product grade up to 88%.

Barite Beneficiation Plant

Barite Beneficiation Equipment

Broken general use jaw crusher or impact crusher, crushing general use of roller crusher. Separation of available heavy media drum sorting machine, cone classifier, jig sorting machine or shaker, screw machines. Barite embedded particle size greater than 2mm, usually available heavy media sorting, jig sorting. The maximum particle size for heavy media sorting is 50 mm, and the maximum particle size for wet and dry jigging is about 20 mm. Debris size less than 2mm, available shaker or spiral classifier sorting.

Barite Application

Barite can be used as a white pigment, can also be used in chemical, paper, textile packing, in the glass production it can act as a flux and increase the brightness of the glass. But it is mainly used as a weighting agent in the drilling industry.

Barite Mining In China

At present, China is the largest barite producer and supplier in the world with the major products being drilling grade. Barite production and trade are greatly affected by the world economy and the oil market. As the government intensifies its efforts to protect resources, it will impose tariffs on barite exports. In the future, China’s barite exports will tend to be steady.

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